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Are you thinking of where to hire a flooring professional in Manchester? Worry no more; we are a well-known flooring company serving residential and commercial properties in Manchester and beyond. Our flooring services include subfloor preparation and levelling, fitting of different types of flooring and finishing works such as door frames trimming, insulation fitting, damp proofing, and installation of skirting boards/beading.

The Process We Follow

A crucial aspect of the floor laying process is adequate subfloor preparation. There are a couple of steps that you must take before the fitting of your new floor commences. These steps ensure that the floor installation will be accurate with a lasting result.

  • Dust Control: Dust is one of the major problems in every household, so it’s essential to clean the floor before the laying process begins. It is crucial to know that proper cleaning of the floor will improve the adhesion. Also, protecting and sealing off closest rooms and their contents will lessen the risk of unwanted grime entering the adjacent rooms. Our competent and smart flooring Manchester service have state-of-the-art equipments that capture dust which helps us during and after the service.
  • Trimming of Door Frames: There’s a tendency that the height of the new floor will change afterwards. Therefore, trimming the door will likely be required as the next step. Our expert flooring team use special trimmers to amend the drop of the door frames. This ensures your newly installed floors will fit properly below, resulting in flawless flooring.
  • Flooring Accessories: In case it’s necessary, our flooring company offers several mouldings and edgings. Moreover, we can match every colour available in the market to portray a flashy, contemporary floor.

Hire Competent Manchester Flooring Company

Our professional flooring service in Manchester comes with an obligation-free visit to your site, free advice and quick quotations. Give us a call to speak with one of our qualified customer support representatives or send us an email and we’ll respond immediately.

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